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About Dr. Bennett

My name is Jillian Bennett. I have my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I have completed training at major hospitals, such as Bradley Children’s Hospital (which is a Brown affiliate), and private institutions, such as the May Institute. I specialize in treating children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Although my main area of interest is children with autism, I see children (ages 1-15) with a variety of challenges, such as those with attention difficulties, learning problems, anxiety, and other emotional or behavioral disorders. My approach is very family oriented, culturally sensitive, and child-focused. As a mother, I understand how difficult it is to see your child struggle and I do my best to not only provide families with a comprehensive report to help their child get what he or she needs (whether it be at home or school), but to also guide families through the next several years. I see my role as not only a neuropsychologist, but also an advocate for the child. Most families keep in touch with me as their child develops and I am able to answer questions, meet with families for follow-up appointments, and/or conduct observations at their schools. In fact, one of the greatest parts of my job, is that I can follow children over time and help families with questions about their child’s development as they mature. I do not believe in giving a diagnosis and sending the family out the door. My role is much more long-term with each family I see. I am currently taking new patients for neurodevelopmental or neuropsychological evaluations. I am not currently accepting new clients for treatment.

Autism Specialist

Autism Specialist

I specialize in neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological evaluations for children with autism spectrum disorders and other related developmental delays. I believe that an evaluation with an accurate diagnosis and a well-formulated conceptualization of the child's specific social, behavioral, emotional, and developmental challenges is critical in formulating an effective treatment plan. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults with autism since 2002 in a variety of settings, including inpatient/outpatient treatment centers, camps, schools, and homes. I have trained parents, teachers, and other providers/staff in how to effectively work with children with autism. I utilize ABA methodologies, such as Discrete Trial Training and Incidental or Naturalistic Teaching methods, although I have previous experience providing services to children with autism in other theoretical orientations. For example, I have utilized a Floortime approach while providing Early Intervention Services to children with autism under the age of 3 and a TEACCH approach while working at a summer camp conducted by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. I combine my behavioral skills with my post-doctoral assessment training in neuropsychology to provide comprehensive care to children with autism and their families.

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