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Other Services

Using an Individualized, Developmental Approach

School Observation
Advocate for IEP meetings

Virtual School-based Behavioral Observations

Public and private programs

Virtual IEP or 504 Plan Meetings

Conducted via Telehealth

Parent or School Consultation

Parent/School Consultation

Conducted via Telehealth

Virtual Presentations:

1) Merging Behavior Analytic and Clinical Perspectives to Work with Students with Complex Mental Health Diagnoses
2) The Developmental Impact of Trauma and Effective Behavioral Interventions for Students
3) The Interpretation of Neuropsychological Evaluations
4) Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment
5) Neurodevelopmental Evaluations and Autism Treatment
6) Red Flags, Signs, and Symptoms: When a Neuropsychological Evaluation is Warranted
7) Family Mental Health During a Pandemic
8) Clinical Application of Behavior Analysis for Students with Mental Health Diagnoses in the School Setting Post-COVID
9) Clinical & Ethical Considerations for Treating Students with Mental Health Diagnoses: A Proposed Model for
Collaborative Care

10) Trauma-Informed ABA: An Introduction

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